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Recycle time and again with Accord Office Supplies Closed Loop

Accord Office Supplies is providing customers with an environmentally friendly service which allows them to recycle and reuse their waste paper time and again.

Closed Loop turns previously used office paper back into 100% recycled copier paper that can be used and recycled again and again. The system is cost effective and environmentally beneficial as the waste paper remains in the recycling loop.

Accord’s secure paper disposal methods mean customers can be confident that there will be no loss of data. Confidential documents are stored in lockable containers between collections, and customers are provided with a Certificate of Destruction to confirm documents have been completely destroyed and to confirm compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Once it has been recycled, Closed Loop paper is guaranteed for use on colour and mono copiers, plain paper fax machines, inkjet printers and laser printers. It’s virtually dust-free and guaranteed for archiving, being fully compliant with DIN 6738.

Jason Thomas, director of Accord Office Supplies, comments: “Closed Loop recycling is unique because the waste paper we dispose of is segregated at the mill, prior to shredding. Therefore clients receive back recycled paper originating from their own waste. One of the biggest commercial benefits of Closed Loop is the reduction in production costs so savings are passed onto customers. We guarantee the Closed Loop process because we manage it from start to finish ourselves. And there is no compromise on quality as the recycled paper meets the high standard customers expect from our products.”

For more information or to order a sample pack, contact Accord Office Supplies on 0845 130 8800 or email


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