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PR Guide for Small Businesses

For just £30.00 entrepreneurs  and small business owners can make an investment that could grow their business exponentially.

The PR guide is a concise, user friendly and practical document, written in plain English and focused on the basics of that most elusive marketing strategy – a Public Relations  campaign.

The guide will let you:

  1. Understand your media profile – knowing where you are now and where you should be aiming is the first step on the road  to a successful campaign.

  2. Save money – Whilst a dedicated agency such as Soaring PR, working on your behalf is necessary for dramatic growth and instant coverage many businesses with smaller goals can still achieve great results doing the work themselves – this guide offers the blueprints to make that possible.

  3. Save time –you will learn how to approach journalists and persuade them to write about your stories. The old clichés are often the best and for a small business – time really is money .  This guide increases your efficiency with some of the best available tricks.

  4. Increase sales – this is the most important part of all!  PR should create new business!  A small business needs to be focused on cash flow and growth. By following the simple steps laid out in this guide you will learn how the press can help you:

  5. Reach more customers

  6. Introducing your business, products and services

  7. Drive traffic to your website

  8. Increase your database of potential clients

  9. Promote your brand, values products and services

Costs exclude VAT

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