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New products give back to small businesses

The team  here at Soaring PR has been working hard to create the following new products and packages designed specifically for small businesses. I have covered off the details of each in separate posts for the sake of clarity!

  1. Soaring PR’s no-nonsense guide to PR

  2. A bespoke Press Release package

  3. A series of PR seminars, launched in conjunction with Cerub PR

Personally I have found the creation of these products an exciting and challenging task .  It is great to do something that will genuinely benefit small businesses and start-ups, I look forward to seeing the results.

As we have grown, Soaring PR has been helped and supported by a variety of local, regional and national businesses who have created bespoke products aimed at small and growing businesses.  These tools have been invaluable to us so it is great to add something to the mix!


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