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Barbican continues to evolve – demonstrating creativity and flexibility…

“The Barbican  is always one of the worlds freshest venues, the regularly changing exhibitions ensure that there is a new space, a new experience, a new option for clients every time they visit.” Anthony Hyde, Barbican, head of corporate sales.

Two of the Barbican’s latest projects include: •    A music video for the world famous Prodigy  •    New delegate menus based around the “Radical Nature” exhibition

The Prodigy filmed their latest video at the Barbican yesterday (8 July ).  The working title is “Take Me to Hospital” and it once again demonstrates the centres ability to provide an unique setting for any event.  The shoot required immense flexibility from the venue as the band experimented with various themes and ideas throughout the Centre.

The new delegate menu has been created by in-house caterers Searcy and is based on Terrines and Verrines*.  The Radical Nature art exhibition throughout the Centre has provided the inspiration for the menu  with its focus on land art, environmental activism and experimental architecture.

Anthony Hyde  continues: “Events are defined by the delegate experience and their capacity to absorb the information presented to them.  Creativity and the atmosphere  set the scene, excite the visitors and ensure they are mentally prepared for the event’s content.  As a venue we continually push boundaries and our links to the arts provide the perfect opportunity to develop new concepts for our commercial clients.”

*A terrine is a glazed earthenware cooking dish with vertical sides and a tightly fitting lid, generally oblong or oval. By extension the term also refers to food prepared in a terrine. A verrine is a confection, originally from France, made by layering ingredients in a glass. It can be either sweet or savoury, making a dessert or a snack.


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