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‘Working Together Towards Global Justice’ – AIJA to gather in The Hague

Creating an opportunity for young international lawyers to develop their knowledge, network and connect, AIJA (The International Association of Young Lawyers) will gather in the Hague, from tomorrow (24) to 27 May, for its Half-Year May Conference (one of the Association’s flagship events).

The primary event venue will be the Amare Convention Centre, house for the Arts Education and Culture in the heart of The Hague.

During the 4-day event, young lawyers from around the world will meet to discuss Human Rights and the growing importance of ESG in international business and law.

The conference will feature three academic tracks:

  • Taking advantage of the conference’s choice of The Hague as a destination, the first track will concentrate on the various Hague conventions.

  • The second track will be dedicated to Arbitration, Litigation & Human Rights, reflecting The Hague’s deep-held regard and global renown for these facets of the law.

  • The third track will be dedicated to the Social and Governance aspect of ESG.

In AIJA’s own words: “Conference attendees will have a chance to discover the surprising and refreshing diversity of The Hague thanks to the social programme activities that have been arranged for this occasion. For the Welcome Reception, AIJA will bring the participants to the Nieuwe Kerk. In addition, they will also experience a fabulous gala dinner in the Kunstmuseum, as well as enjoy the home cooking of local legal practitioners. What’s more, AIJA delegates will have the opportunity to visit the magnificent Peace Palace.”

“As The City of Peace and Justice, and the international home of Human Rights there can be nowhere more appropriate for young lawyers to gather than The Hague,” comments Bas Schot, Head of The Hague & Partners Convention Bureau. “We are delighted to welcome these young and dynamic delegates to our city. They have an opportunity to learn and network, whilst taking part in an incredible programme and seeing everything The Hague has to offer. In fact, I am particularly excited to see that the conference will include the AIJA Triathlon for Human Rights – a truly inspiring physical challenge to sit alongside the mental challenge of the wider event.

More information about the event can be found at

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