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The agency formerly known as Soaring PR…

…will now be referred to as The Award Winning Soaring PR!

Fresh from the success of several client wins at national awards, Soaring PR’s campaign for The Barbican  was awarded Gold at the annual Meeting Industry Marketing Awards (The MIMAs) last week.

The campaign, which was created and run by Soaring PR, was focused on the Barbican’s corporate, conferencing and events activities.

Why did we win – well here are some of my thoughts on the matter…

The Barbican  is a world leading arts venue but not enough people recognised its corporate events potential. Due to time constraints the team at the Barbican were also unable to establish ongoing press relationships and regularly missed opportunities to comment on key issues. Soaring PR was brought in to solve both these problems through an awareness campaign, specifically targeting those people organising events.

In particular the MIMA judges commented on the campaigns 1800% ROI – a figure that remained unquestioned and undisputed by the judging panel, which included leading industry editors and journalists.

The overwhelming success of the campaign was partly due to Soaring PR’s diverse targeting. Instead of churning out press releases, our methods included comment pieces, feature coverage and successful award entries.

Our campaign continually demonstrated the Barbican’s  position as a leading industry commentator. Coverage has ranged from hard hitting opinion and advice to caption competitions and photo spreads. It has been a non-stop success, using both reactive and proactive techniques to generate regular coverage.

But more to the point what did our client say?

Barbican, head of corporate sales, Anthony Hyde : “Pulling together the campaign over the last year has been great fun and truly rewarding – this award is the icing on the cake.”

“Whilst a 1,800% return on our investment confirmed the campaign’s success, feedback shows that a host of leads have been generated as a direct result of editorial . Anecdotally, team members, particularly myself have been greeted at industry events by strangers saying: I know you; you’re all over the press…”


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