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St. Petersburg’s Expoforum to increase focus on international markets

Expoforum, the newly built congress and exhibition centre located in Russia’s historic imperial capital city St. Petersburg, is taking steps to increase its profile as a leading venue and destination for international association congresses.

Expoforum is Russia’s most technically advanced venue capable of hosting 30,000 delegates across 45 conference halls and 3 pavilions, supported by 50,000m2 of indoor exhibition space, 40,000m2 of outdoor space and a variety of local hotels.

In addition to media partnerships, attendance at trade shows and a focus on their ICCA membership, Expoforum has engaged Soaring Worldwide and Watterston Associates to raise its profile and develop new leads and opportunities in key target markets.

“Expoforum has established itself as Russia’s leading venue for large events. Our hosting of the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, during which we host more than 17,000 people from 143 different countries including heads of state, is a clear demonstration of our capabilities,” comments Maria Tsedeviyn, head of advertising, design and digital division at Expoforum. “Through a variety of different channels we are expanding our reach and are looking forward to the impact that focused PR and lead generation will have on future events taking place here at Expoforum. With their specialism in the market, particularly targeting international associations, the partnership between Soaring and Watterston is an exciting opportunity for us.”

Adam Baggs, creative director at Soaring Worldwide added: “When Expoforum originally approached us we recognised that there was a need to go beyond just a public relations and press offering. Having previously worked on several successful projects with Julie Watterston and her team it made sense to create a joined up approach to help develop Expoforum’s profile and new business opportunities. As a specialist to the meetings industry with a focus on venues and destinations targeting the association market this project is perfect for Soaring Worldwide and I look forward to working with the teams at Expoforum and Watterston over the next year.”

Watterston Associates managing director, Julie Watterston concludes: “This is a great opportunity for all of us and we are looking forward to working with the Expoforum team. With years focused on lead generation for leading venues and destinations we bring the right balance of skills and knowledge to this project and expect to see significant results moving forward.”

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