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Sheepdrove to invest £2.5 million in sustainable accommodation

The Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre  is seeking planning consent for a development of 38 bedrooms on its site in Lambourn  Berkshire.  The bedrooms will support the centre’s ongoing education programmes by providing overnight accommodation for conference guests, researchers and students.

The 38 bedroom complex will sit directly opposite the current conference centre and replace two brooder sheds, currently used to rear the farms famous organic chickens*.  The new building will take the centre’s green and sustainable initiatives to a whole new level, whilst breaking barriers once again within the conferencing and training industries. •    Heat exchanges will ensure that energy from hair dryers, steam and even body heat goes un-wasted. •    A bio-mass burner is likely to be installed – providing energy from the manure created by the farm’s livestock . •    A living wall is currently part of the plans as well as two accessible bedrooms and a community area.

Sheepdrove’s recently promoted director of operations, Russell Downing:  “Whilst Sheepdrove has always been an unique venue, providing the best quality food with a focus on sustainability – our lack of accommodation has driven away certain business or forced them to use local accommodation providers (increasing mileage).  The creation of these bedrooms – due to be finished in late 2010/early 2011 – will allow us to meet the needs of all potential clients, whilst removing one more potentially negative impact on the environment.”

*State of the art brooder sheds have been built elsewhere on the 2,500 acre farm.


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