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Royal Society of Medicine to kick off ABPCO best practice visits

A programme of facilitated conference visits, managed by The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO), will begin with RSM ICG-7 Interventional cosmetics: New and controversial treatments at the Royal Society of Medicine on the 27th and 28th February.

This programme of best practice visits is designed to promote collaborative learning and good practice. The visits present an excellent opportunity for ABPCO in-house PCO members to work with industry colleagues, educate themselves and further improve their own services.

“We firmly believe that the key to innovation is the facilitation of conversations between our members and this is just one of a number of opportunities we are introducing,” comments Nicole Leida, joint-chair of ABPCO. “By advocating the latest technology, education, networking and best practice principles we can really benefit our members. Interventional cosmetics has really captured the public’s imagination so the first visit, which will be held at the Royal Society for Medicine, is a must attend event as it was a finalist for the ABPCO Excellence Awards in 2014.” The judges for the awards commented: “This was a well thought through entry. It was creative and innovative. It showed great analysis in the marketing and use of social media. There was also a real sense that the provision of this conference was helping to move science forward, through generating a demand for further conferences and the use of hands on practical research.”

The next conference visit following this will be the UCAS London HE Convention which is being held at Alexandra Palace on 16-18 March and will bring together more than 200 universities, career providers and commercial organisations. Following that, the next on offer will be the UCAS admissions conference, which was the winner in last year’s ABPCO Excellence Awards. For the programme of best practice visits please click here.

ABPCO is the UK’s leading organisation for professional conference and event organisers, industry associates and those studying for, or seeking a career in the conference and meetings industry. For more information about ABPCO visit

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