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MPI UK changes name and focuses on international relations and business opportunities.

MPI’s plans for the next 12 months under the leadership of Anthony Hyde will include greater focus on the development of regional events, international relations and business opportunities.

Regional Activity

Over the course of the last twelve months there has been an upsurge in regional activity, particularly in the North.  This will continue, expanding into other parts of the UK, including Ireland.  To reflect this focus the MPI UK chapter will henceforth be known as MPI UK and Ireland

Whilst MPI  members based in Ireland have always been a part of the UK chapter, this change will show greater recognition of their involvement and create additional networking and educational opportunities to support them and their work.  Changing the name to reflect this is just the first step in the process.

International Relations

After several highly successful exchange events and missions to visit overseas chapters, the MPI UK and Ireland chapter plan to work more closely with their international counterparts, sharing ideas, strategies and opportunities.  Whilst this is initially likely to focus on European neighbours there are plans to take this initiative to other regions in time.

Business Opportunities

The MPI UK and Ireland Chapter is also seeking new ways to expand business opportunities for members.  With this in mind, the Sponsorship VP role, held by Samme Allen  has been changed to Chair of Partnerships and Business Opportunities.

A variety of new sponsorship initiatives have already been launched and prices fixed at 2008/2009 levels to support members in the face of the recession.  The “I Buy MPI” discount scheme will be more heavily promoted and there are already several partners joining the MPI UK and Ireland stand at Event UK next month.

Samme Allen, Chair of Partnerships and Business Opportunities, MPI UK and Ireland Chapter:  “Last year’s focus on sponsorship was extremely successful, generating great feedback, particularly from Reval Hotels.  This has created a new approach for 2009/2010 providing us with a chance to support more members, whilst financially benefiting the chapter.  We have already secured our first sponsors for the year and expect more to join in the near future.”

MPI UK and Ireland Chapter, president, Anthony Hyde :  “I firmly believe 2009/2010 will be a great year for the chapter as we grow our membership, international and business relations.  These new initiatives offer substantial benefits and opportunities for our members and I look forward to the impact they will have on their roles and as individuals.

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