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Magenta Security Services achieves Cyber Essentials accreditation

Magenta Security Services has been recognised by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) after taking significant steps towards protecting its online systems. The effort has seen them added to a list of endorsed organisations on the NCSC’s website and accredited with a Cyber Essentials certificate.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry-approved scheme aimed at helping organisations protect against common types of cyber-attacks. At its basic level, it advocates for businesses to implement certain technical controls in order to bolster overall system security.

Abbey Petkar, managing director of Magenta Security explains, “Following many recent high-profile data breaches as well as the GDPR deadline, there has been a substantial increase in business awareness of the need to boost online defences. Nonetheless, Magenta is steps ahead of the business community and protecting its clients in every possible way.”

To earn their Cyber Essentials Certificate, Magenta was required to have their digital defences assessed by an independent accreditation body. Having self-implemented the technical controls already, its systems and software also met a detailed set of requirements with various forms of evidence provided to back this up. Finally, a self-assessment questionnaire was completed as proof of understanding the new implementations and configuration of its systems.

Magenta Security has its head office in Hounslow, with operations in Swindon, Birmingham, Manchester and Kent. As well as security officers, mobile patrols and electronic surveillance, partnerships with external suppliers, Magenta can provide a variety of additional services to clients including luxury car hire, cleaning and housekeeping. For more information about its services call 0845 500 0786 or visit


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