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IMEX visitors to receive meditation advice from Kyoto

Kyoto Convention Bureau will hand out 50 comprehensive guides to meditation complied by a famous Zen Buddhist priest Reverend Matsuyama at its IMEX stand – B420.   This initiative follows Kyoto’s recent research findings that state delegates can achieve an average of 12.5% higher retention of content if they meditate prior to a meeting.

The guides, which have been personally signed and printed on fine Japanese paper, will be given to the first 50 visitors to the Kyoto stand.  In addition, a highly unusual and insightful book will also be given to the first person to ask for it at the stand.

James Kent from Kyoto Convention Bureau said: “We want to present our visitors something that is traditionally Japanese and linked to our current focus and marketing.  The Zen meditation guide provides an unique insight into the techniques of meditation as well as their benefit to delegates.  Reverend Matsuyama is an expert on meditation, and his techniques are known to have great effects in dealing with stress, increasing motivation and efficiency.  The guides are unique and individually numbered, having been exclusively printed for this occasion.”

Research on Reverend Matsuyama’s Zen Buddhist meditation was undertaken in spring 2011 by the Kyoto Convention Bureau.  It was based on the assumption that a short meditation at the start of a meeting helps clear the mind and allows the participants to take in more of the taught material than if meditation is not practiced.  The research concluded the following: •    Average improvement of 12.5% across all tasks •    Largest improvement for single task 117% •    Largest individual improvement 21% (across all tasks) •    Smallest individual improvement 2%

James continues: “It is a simple principle, if your tea cup is already filled; there is no point in pouring more tea in it. People who come to attend meetings are often under pressure and tired either because of long journeys or work based stress. If they are to take on-board new information and be at their most productive, they must first make room in their minds.  Simple meditation exercises can make all the difference – enter the meeting in a calm state of mind, take a few deep breaths.  The difference is profound and it can also bring out the positive energy in you.”


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