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Ice track available for Christmas parties at Wembley Stadium.

During their Christmas preview event, DNC at Wembley Stadium’s Jackie Boughton announced the availability of the UK’s longest ice track during the Christmas  party season.

 The ice  track, which will run in an oval shape around the pitch for 350 metres, will be open to the public during the day and available to those people attending parties in the evening.

 This exciting new facility was announced at a seasonal  preview event attended by a variety of corporate and agency bookers.  The event showcased wines, menus and packages available over the coming months .

Jackie Boughton  “Every new facility offers the chance to excite and interest potential clients – the ice track goes that little bit further.  Its use is subject to availability and negotiation around public events but corporate clients attending the preview were overwhelmed by the opportunities it could provide their guests.”


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