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Hospitality Business Mentor launches offer to tied pub market

David Hunter, the Hospitality Business Mentor from The Bowden Group ( has launched a focused offer, bringing his services to the tied pub market.

David Hunter says:  “The nature of tied pub leases and contracts means the people running these establishments require more than just a passion for the job.  They need to be business savvy, understand the figures and have all their processes in place.  They also need to love the job, and be prepared for the hours entailed.”

For £395 per month ‘’tied brewery lease’’ pubs across the UK can receive:

  1. A day of face to face, onsite time with David*

  2. Access to and instruction on David’s tried and tested methods, systems and processes

  3. Weekly monitoring  of key figures, with feedback

  4. Arbitration and negotiation with landlords as appropriate

Hunter continues:  “Unfortunately, due to a lack of business skills, lack of capital or lack of previous experience, many tied pubs are failing.  As the tenants face difficulties they find it hard to meet the needs of the landlord and in time the pub fails.  Through better systems and communications from all parties I firmly believe tied pubs can

flourish and become a benefit to landlord, tenant and community.”

*Depending on location and timings this could be one of David’s equally experienced and qualified partners.


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