CRN sees growth in membership application

Congress Rental Network (CRN), the world’s leading association of congress equipment specialists has seen a dramatic rise in the number of membership applications recently. The association that has members in 38 countries from Europe, Asia- Pacific, Africa and the Americas has received applications from half a dozen companies since Christmas, with three currently under consideration – including companies based in Ukraine and Russia.

Panagiotis Podimatas from PC Podimatas in Greece, chairperson of CRN said: “As a group of top companies delivering highly professional event, AV and interpretation services, we pride ourselves on maximum efficiency, optimum control and perfect sound reproduction for all types of events in the world.  To maintain this reputation, we undertake a stringent auditing process to admit companies into the association.”

Panagiotis continues: “The growing number of applications from around the world, but particularly the Eurasian region, reflects the growth of these markets for the event industry as well as our recent flurry of media coverage, strong reputation and excellent value for money.  To continue this success we have recently set up four focused committees to monitor technical, ethical, marketing and AV aspects of the association.”

The final decision for the acceptance of the Ukrainian company will be taken during the meeting of the board of directors this week in Athens. The decision for the two Russian companies will be taken now that auditing has been completed.

CRN announced a new board in its annual general meeting held in Turkey in January.

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