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Brilliant Science delivers knowledge transfer and retention for scientific communities

Scientific communities are set to benefit from a new concept that will improve events held amongst the UK’s many scientific communities.  Titled Brilliant Science, the project is leveraging the UK’s reputation as a world leader in sciences to develop the North West as a hub for international events looking to make the most of the region’s scientific heritage and links.  The concept, which has been created by Marketing Cheshire will benefit a host of scientific fields including: medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, zoology, physics, engineering and industry.

Incorporating Cheshire, Manchester and Stoke on Trent, Brilliant Science is targeting events across the whole spectrum of sciences.  Delegates attending such events will be encouraged to extend their visits with relevant tours across a variety of the region’s scientific venues and attractions, adding significantly to the potential for knowledge transfer and retention.

The Brilliant Science Project will deliver long term for the scientific community as the selection of attractions showcase past, present and future scientific research and development within the region.  Audiences will gain an authentic and broad understanding of the UK’s scientific offering across the centuries – inspiring them the achieve more from their visit and take their new-found knowledge back into their fields of expertise.

Brilliant Science is one of a number of successful projects to receive funding from the UK Government’s £40 million Discover England Fund. The Fund is administered by VisitEngland and involves a programme of activity to ensure that England stays competitive in the rapidly growing global tourism industry, by offering world-class English tourism products to the right customers at the right time. The Fund is a central government funded programme of activity, supported by match funding by partners in the public and private sectors.

The Brilliant Science team will create bespoke itineraries using the region’s offering including the likes of: •    Museum of Science and Industry – Manchester •    Chester Zoo – Chester, Cheshire •    Catalyst – Widnes, Cheshire •    Wedgewood – Stoke-on-Trent •    Stoke Museums – Stoke-on-Trent •    Jodrell Bank – Macclesfield, Cheshire •    Manchester Museum – Manchester •    Quarry Bank Mill –  Cheshire •    Anderton Boat Lift – Cheshire

“The Brilliant Science project is an opportunity to really add value to conference attendees,” comments the project’s lead Nicola Said from Marketing Cheshire.  “Too many visitors don’t make the most of their time when they visit a destination.  Whilst compliance issues, particularly in medical sciences, prohibit many activities, these itineraries are not a problem because they are relevant and provide significant knowledge transfer and sharing.  Events are a vital part of the research and development of new technologies as are the venues working on the Brilliant Science project.  This was demonstrated by the Prime Minister last week when she gave a speech at Jodrell Bank discussing the fact that the NHS and technology companies should use AI as a new weapon in research.”

This cutting-edge project has been created by Marketing Cheshire: “which means it is just the starting point.  This cluster of destinations and venues is effectively a pilot for a scheme that could work across the whole country, focused on different themes and different areas,” continues Nicola.

Nicola concludes: “By choosing to work with significant and internationally recognised attractions, Brilliant Science is focused on quality in terms of both science and the visitor experience.  Attendees will have an opportunity to go beyond their normal conference offering and do something new that will ensure the event stands out and delivers long term knowledge retention and therefore a true legacy.”

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