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Accreditation decision leads to growth of London City Selection

Following the decision to request accreditation from members, venues have flocked to join the London City Selection, recognising its credibility.

London City Selection, Chair, Samme Allen: “The summer has been a time of real growth for the LCS, which has primarily been marketed through its website –  Since our announcement to request accreditation through AIM for our members we have seen a dramatic increase in enquires for membership.  Venues are acknowledging the fact that accreditation ensures high standards across the selection and they clearly want to be a part of the City’s fastest growing marketing consortium.”

New members include: •    City Inn •    Gibson Hall •    London Stock Exchange •    Plaisterers Hall •    One Moorgate Place

These new members join a consortium made up of the City’s highest quality venues, all working together to develop the City of London as the world’s leading location for both domestic and international conferences, events and meetings.

Samme Allen continues: “By working together, referring leads back and forth and collaborating on major event, the London City Selection has already secured significant new business for the City whilst building long term relationships between the venues.  Competition and one-upmanship are a thing of the past – a successful future lies in our ability to collaborate and grow together.” Ed Bolling of Ironmongers’ Hall Membership Chair: “I have been overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm expressed by venues who wish to join the London City Selection.”

The London City Selection is a Barbican led initiative with more than 20 members including venues and hotels.


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