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ABPCO receives enquires for 16,860 delegate days in first quarter of 2022

The Association of British Professional Conference Organiser’s (ABPCO) web-based enquiry system, which links associations with ABPCO accredited PCO members able to support their events, has received enquiries over the last three months that represent 16,860 delegates days’ worth of future face-to-face conference engagement.

ABPCO’s association conference enquiry system, which can be found via, allows associations to enter a variety of details about their association conference needs as they seek support from the ABPCO membership. This allows ABPCO members to effectively decide the sorts of solutions the association might require and respond accordingly.

So far in 2022 there have been:

  • 10 enquiries

  • 16,860 delegate days

  • Attendee levels from 50 pax to 1,000 pax

  • Across 33.5 days

  • From a minimum 1 day to a maximum of 6 days per event

“What an incredible start to 2022,” comments Heather Lishman, association director of ABPCO. “Firstly, there is the sheer number and size of the enquiries involved. After so long unable to meet in-person it is incredible to see such a swift resurgence and desire for full-scale conferences. Once these meetings are fully realised, the in-person and hybrid elements will be better understood; but most important for us is the fact that so many organisations are planning their annual showcase events and heading to ABPCO members for their support.”

“I am delighted to see that our messaging is getting out there and associations are recognising the vital need to use an accredited PCO, whether they are providing in-person, virtual or hybrid solutions. There are many conference organisers out there – but to ensure the success of an event, associations really do need to be working with a professional who truly understands the unique needs of associations and their events.”

“Finally, it is great to see that these associations are specifically coming to ABPCO to source their PCO partner. They recognise we are the UK’s leading organisation working in the sector and the best possible place to find the best possible PCO.”


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