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ABPCO member engagement delivers donations

ABPCO has donated more than £600 to industry charity Meeting Needs and social enterprise EventWell through its annual member engagement survey.

Each year ABPCO undertakes a survey to understand how it can work more closely with its members and deliver on their needs. For each completed survey ABPCO donates £5, which this year is being split between leading industry charity Meeting Needs and social enterprise EventWell. The results of the survey, strategy and plans for the future will be incorporated into 2020/2021 ABPCO member activity and engagement.

Jo Powel, joint chair of ABPCO commented: “ABPCO has been focusing on our members, our community and our sense of belonging over the last couple of months. There has never been a time when it is more important to work together and membership of ABPCO is providing many members with much needed industry support. A key factor of our success has been a willingness to listen to members and respond to their needs dynamically. This has been demonstrated through a swift transition to a virtual programme of events and heightened digital communication. Donating these funds to Meeting Needs and EventWell is part of our ongoing commitment to the wider industry, which continues to be a force for good and positive change around the world.”


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