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What were you doing on Friday night?

I was watching one of our clients accepting a gold award in front of hundreds of industry peers at a leading award ceremony .

This accolade  will bring them plenty of press coverage, whilst adding credibility to their brand and services.  All of which should lead to increased sales – vital in the current economic climate.

But who was it – and what did they win?

The Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre achieved first place in Green Award category of the Event Awards on Friday last week.

The award, which rewarded the most outstanding environmental achievement in the Event’s Industry, was presented to Sheepdrove’s Russell Downing at the Hilton Park Lane .

Sheepdrove’s centre manager, Russell Downing commented:  “A huge amount of time effort and money has been invested at Sheepdrove to create what is clearly one of, if not, the world’s most environmentally friendly conferences centres.  Having this recognised, in front of so many industry peers, suppliers and clients is the pinnacle of all that achievement.”

Sheepdrove had entered their ongoing project to become the World’s Greenest Conference Centre in the hotly contested category.

As for Sheepdrove’s comments about the entry we wrote…

Russell commented: “Soaring PR added the magic touch that not only ensured our place in the final but helped us reach our ultimate goal  – first place in the Green Award.”


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