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Wembley Stadium sees 30% increase in bookings across 2010

Despite economic challenges and cuts faced by many organisers and event purchasers, Wembley Stadium has increased its annual number of events from 428 in 2009 to 550 in 2010.  Even when compared against the 2008, the stadium has seen a 20% increase.

Jackie Boughton, Head of Sales, Conference & Banqueting,

Delaware North Companies at Wembley Stadium: “After the turmoil of 2009 it has been fantastic to see our clients rallying to the benefits of events.  They have embraced the overwhelming power of face to face meetings and used them to improve their businesses.  Thankfully, our own marketing efforts have paid off, allowing us to win new business and further develop Wembley’s offering.”

The figure for 2010 of 550 events could increase further as additional bookings are made during the final two months.

Boughton continues: “Credit for such success should focus on the sales team who have worked tirelessly over the last year to forge new contacts and win business.  In particular our primary goal was to achieve more face to face time with potential clients, meeting them at shows, their offices or here at the stadium.  Agencies have been especially responsive to this approach, providing the core of our recent wins.”


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