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Wedding enquiries increase as Barbican supports couples tying the knot under COVID restrictions

Barbican Business Events has seen a 50% increase in wedding enquiries compared to 2019, as it supports couples through the highs and lows of marriage under current COVID restriction. This has led to an increase in confirmed bookings – though postponements remain an ongoing challenge for many.

Restrictions have meant the weddings are limited to lower capacities, but it hasn’t stopped couples getting married at the Barbican throughout 2020, with 12 booked so far for 2021.

The increase in wedding enquiries is just one area Barbican Business Events has seen growth and diversification over the last 12 months. Others include filming, photo shoots, training events and a full-service hybrid offering.

Jenny Waller, Head of Sales – Business Events at the Barbican commented: “We know how disappointing it has been for many couples, not just those who chose the Barbican as their venue, to have to postpone weddings in 2020 and early 2021. For those who have had to change dates, or who have yet to set the day, we are looking forward to welcoming them again in the future. Our Conservatory, in particular, provides a unique wedding setting with little or no additional theming needed due to the incredible diversity of plants and glorious natural daylight.”


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