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Venues need to maintain a hi-tech/ lo-tech balance reveals Lane End Conference Centre research  

Whilst innovation continues to be a focus at Lane End Conference Centre, a recent study carried out amongst its clients and prospect event organisers, has revealed that venues need to maintain a balance when providing equipment for meetings and events. Unsurprisingly, 96.72% of bookers require Wi-Fi however a 90.16% still require a flipchart and 65.57% still require an overhead projector (OHP).

The research was carried out using a sample of 122 event bookers, and has helped the venue to further understand what trainers and delegates really require when it comes to providing equipment and technology.

In order to cater for all requirements, Lane End Conference Centre offers state-of-the-art technology in its main conference suites, which are fully equipped with flipcharts, ceiling mounted projectors and wall-mounted plasma screens as standard – to cover all eventualities.

Easy-to-use ‘click share’ technology is installed in every meeting room, so sharing a laptop or mobile device on a main presentation screen is simple. For additional convenience, a complimentary syndicate room, including a wall-mounted plasma screen and free internet access, is available to delegates alongside any training event or conference – ideal for a quick virtual meeting.

The venue offers direct fibre optic links, which provides the venue with Grade A+ wi-fi of up to 40 Megabytes per second (MBPS) or hard-wired 200 MBPS guaranteed. This makes the venue ideal for virtual meetings, video conferences and live-streaming through designated websites or social media platforms. Free hard-wired internet is also available for organisers who want to use their own video conferencing supplier.

Director of Sales and Marketing at Lane End Heni Fourie said; “Over the years we have made significant investment in technology and infrastructure so we can provide clients with the latest services which meet their event requirements, so the results of our latest research are very interesting. The results show that we mustn’t forget the need for basic equipment such as flipcharts, OHP’s and screens. Each client is unique so it’s important that we have the right AV and equipment to meet all of our client’s needs.”


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