UK Stroke Forum Conference to bring £6.6million to Harrogate over three consecutive years

The UK Stroke Forum Conference, hosted by The Stroke Association, has chosen Harrogate International Centre as the venue for their annual conference for the next three years (2012-14).  The conference, which is a three day event, is the latest in a series of medical contracts that HIC has recently announced.

Alison Griffin, Head of Sales and Marketing at Harrogate said:  “The UK Stroke Forum’s decision to choose us for their annual conference for three years comes against the back-drop of our recent run of medical event success stories. A three day conference such as this always has a substantial impact on the local economy.  In fact, if we use Visit Britain’s economic impact calculations this announcement could be worth a total of £6.6 million to the town and area. The Stroke Association plays a vital role in combating strokes in people of all age groups. The conference is crucial for influencing health care policy and we look forward to welcoming them.”

HIC is building new halls to boost the long term competitiveness of its facilities, the scheme, which will also include public realm improvements, is expected to be ready by the end of 2011. The new halls will be used throughout the UK Stroke Forum Conference.

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