Travel to UK events should be minimised suggests Barbican travel poll

58% of organisers think travel to UK events should be less than an hour according to a recent poll of 120 Barbican clients.  The results highlight the importance of high speed travel infrastructure projects such as HS2 and the Elizabeth Line.

“It is no surprise that organisers want to minimise travel time but keeping it to less than an hour is tough, even for many commuters,” comments Jackie Boughton, Head of Events at the Barbican. “It is clear from these results that delegates want to focus on productivity and work rather than logistics and travel.  A fact that was confirmed by the respondent’s unwillingness to change transport as part of their travel arrangements (64% would change a maximum of twice).  Such figures highlight the importance of projects such as HS2 and the Elizabeth Line, both of which will substantially reduce travel time to the heart of London.”

The Barbican is perfectly located between two Elizabeth Line stops – with direct links to Heathrow airport.  It is also just 2 stops from the London terminal of HS1 (Kings Cross St Pancras) and 3 from HS2 (Euston).

Jackie concludes: “There will always be a need for organisers to balance accessibility and location.  We are lucky to have a wide range of high quality venues with stunning facilities here in the UK.  Organisers however need to juggle the appeal of each venue and its surrounding infrastructure and opportunities with ease of travel.  Here at the Barbican we have historically benefited from easy access.  This will only improve as the Elizabeth Line and HS2 add to delegate travel options.”

The research was conducted amongst more than 120 Barbican clients during Autumn 2017.  53% of respondents were corporate bookers, 21% association and 26% agency.