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Theft and vandalism top list of business security fears

In a recent survey. Magenta Security Services clients, contacts and prospects identified Theft to be their number one security risk and fear.  In all, 53%* of the people surveyed cited Theft as “the greatest security threat to their business”.  In most cases the fear related to property theft rather than IP (intellectual property) theft, which was only mentioned by 2% of respondents.

The following shows the full breakdown of the responses:

•    Theft – 51% •    Vandalism – 23% •    Anti Social Behaviour – 12% •    Terrorism – 9% •    IT – 3% •    IP Theft – 2%

Magenta Security Services, managing director, Abbey Petkar:  “These results clearly show that the greatest fears faced by modern businesses revolve around physical attacks on property and premises.  Guards remain the most successful deterrent to such crimes as businesses seek different ways to reduce their risks and protect themselves.  However, whilst IT and IP theft remain low in this particular survey they are ongoing risks, requiring complex solutions, which is why businesses should have an integrated comprehensive strategy for their security management.”

The data used to compile these statistics was collected by Magenta Security Services in the final quarter of 2009.  Businesses surveyed included retailers, public authorities, recreational facilities and commercial buildings.

*53% is the total of the Theft value (51%) and the IP Theft value (2%)


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