The Swan at Southrop

Another fine evening at The Swan at Southrop. It has become a firm favourite when looking for somewhere a little more special for dinner. I think it is a combination of the service, great food and classy yet traditional decor that really sets this place apart. It falls into the dreaded “gastro pub” category yet somehow pulls it off. The ideal combination of village pub and superb restaurant. Of course I will admit that the locals may not share my enthusiasm as it certainly isn’t the cheapest option around – nor what you would call a “local”.

Despite generally being more adventurous both Helen and I opted for the bruschetta followed by a steak. Personally I am a little obsessed by their bruschetta, with its roast GARLIC – not one to have the day before a “big meeting”. The steak was cooked perfectly despite our differing options – bleu for me and “murdered” for Helen. All washed down with a couple of pints of Cornish Doombar – an ideal session beer.

The rest of the menu contains a selection of local meats and great fish cooked delightfully well – how do I know – because we tend to return on a regular basis.

Note: Soaring Worldwide are privileged to travel and dine in a variety of places around the world. The above establishment is not a client, simply somewhere we wanted to share with our readers.