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The Meetings Show focuses on dedicated Meetings Design education stream

The Meetings Show has announced it will be working in partnership with The Meetings Design Institute to create a series of plenary sessions dedicated to the creation of top quality, engaging meetings and event content during the 2015 show, which takes place at Olympia, London, from 7-9 July.

“Many would argue that the format and content of a meeting matters far more than logistics, technology and even price, quite simply because content and format are so fundamental to an audience’s ability to engage. And no engagement means no point holding an event,” comments The Meetings Show’s Event Director, Steve Knight. “Our research and discussions with organisers from across a host of sectors organising events clearly demonstrates the importance of meetings design and content creation, hence the decision to create an entire stream based around the topic at this year’s show.”

Sessions include:

• Presentation design & speaker management – Improving a speaker’s skills and their presentation is arguably the easiest place to achieve a significant improvement for the least effort. • Meeting formats know-how – Moving furniture and changing activities are just two of seven ways of creating a session that is different, fun and supports a meeting’s objectives. • Back to Back events: shared economy in the meetings industry – Why should we bother to organise back to back meetings? Is it only about saving costs, being eco-friendly or can it lead to greater value and engagement? • Injecting INTERACTION into onsite and online attendees – 7 tools and 7 ways to increase interaction. • HYBRID: Online successes and The INTERREG Case Study – 800 participants onsite and 2,500 online. Why and how did they succeed? • Design: why to use visuals in meetings? – Visuals play a decisive role in meetings? Discover new ways to activate visuals before, during and after a meeting from a photographer, visual facilitator and artist.

Maarten Vanneste, from The Meetings Design Institute said: “Meeting design is about improving the impact and effectiveness of meetings and events. Stay ahead with new formats, techniques and tools, and drive your career through The Meetings Show’s education programme.”

Organised by Centaur Live (a division of Centaur Media Plc), The Meetings Show is the premier event for the UK inbound and outbound meetings industry, taking place 7-9 July 2015 at Olympia, London. Organised by meeting professionals for meeting professionals it is focused around a large exhibition, networking opportunities and professional education.


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