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The Hague’s partners share sustainable success stories

The Hague Convention Bureau has gathered together stories and examples of sustainable best practice from leading venues across the city. Six of the city’s leading venues have provided in-depth case studies, descriptions and advice for organiser looking to make their events more sustainable in a series of interviews.

The interviews are available via:

The venues taking part are:

• Amare

• Fokker Terminal

• Madurodam

• Museon-Omniversum

• The Louwman Museum

• World Forum

The Hague, known global as the city of Impact, Peace and Justice is a global leader in association events, which is why the municipality was an early adopter of sustainable practices – targeting a 95% reduction of greenhouse gasses by 2050. In support, many of the city’s leading venues have joined the initiative to become a climate-neutral city.

Examples of the venues’ work towards a greener city include:

  • The Louwman Museum’s reduction in energy consumption and investment in thermal energy storage and solar power.

  • The Fokker Terminal became Co2-neutral in 2019 and is currently researching how geothermal energy can be implemented across events.

  • As the city’s newest venue, Amare features rainwater flushed toilets, zero waste catering and nesting boxes located across the buildings green roof.

  • As The Hague’s largest conference venue, with over 50 years’ experience delivering large scale Events, World Forum has banned plastics, introduced a green roof, added solar panels and focused on the development of climate friendly hybrid event solutions.

“These are just a few examples of the incredible work taking place to make The Hague a sustainable destination, the full details of which are available through the insightful interviews we have pulled together, comments Bas Schot, Head of The Hague Convention Bureau. “Sustainability and a greener future involves both individual action and the desire to demonstrate and teach others what action they can take. Across the whole of the Hague, we are acting to achieve both these goals and I am delighted by the progress we have already made as a city.”

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