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The five practices of forward thinking, recession busting, successful leaders

Paul Bridle , leadership methodologist, has conducted extensive research into the business practices of companies who have been successful in recent years and continued to do so through the economic downturn.  From more than 250 video and audio interviews  plus countless written documents from business leaders and highly successful entrepreneurs  , he has identified, collated and concentrated the following five practices:

  1. Think global

  2. Be a Master of your Craft

  3. Protect the brand

  4. Take risks but have attention for detail.

  5. Work with the best

Above all 

Paul’s research has demonstrated that those businesses seeking to survive the economic downturn need to change their thinking as he explains:  “Businesses after a recession are never the same as they were before. Rather than focus on the way they did things in the past, they will have looked to the future  and reinvent themselves.”

“The five practices mentioned are all about having focus on the important things that will grow their business in a new era.  Business Leaders will discover that life after the recession will be a new challenge unlike what they are used to.  Now is not the time to bury their heads in the sand .  It is time to think different, look for new ways to do business and be focused on the right things”


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