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Thank you to all our key workers, including those in security

Statement from Abbey Petkar, managing director of Magenta Security

COVID-19 continues to challenge life for all of us, but I am on the whole proud of the way people are reacting, supporting each other and coming together as communities. One such community is the private security sector. It was an incredibly important moment when the BSIA and SIA came together to lobby and ensure we are recognised as key workers. They have stood up for us as an industry at a time when it truly matters

Though it has been reported in the Guardian (from police statistics) that there has been a 28% reduction in most areas of crime during the lockdown – particularly domestic burglary, rape and assault; other areas have not fared so well especially break-ins and theft at commercial sites – notably offices and pubs. At this time the simple presence of a manned guard is usually enough of a deterrent to keep a property safe, which in turn is vital for the future security of the businesses in question.

Whatever your expertise in the security field, be it CCTV, access, guards or the many other professionals working to protect property and the public, we are in a position to support the police and front-line workers. Now is the time for us to continue demonstrating our value and skills, now is the time for us to give back; and now is the time to thank and praise all the security staff who continue to go out to work, leaving family and homes to protect the livelihoods of so many others.

Each Thursday we have been clapping all key workers, with a focus on the NHS who are giving their utmost at such a difficult time. However, the clap is for all key workers, therefore when I clap, and I ask you to do the same: it is also for my team and the many others across the security industry; out there and committed to helping others and ensuring safety for all.


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