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Significant investment delivers industry leading Wi-fi at 30 Euston Square

30 Euston Square’s latest investment in cutting edge technology will ensure high quality, high speed Wi-fi connectivity for those attending events at the venue.

“The need for efficient Wi-fi connectivity has grown since 30 Euston Square first opened. With the growth in social media, streaming and video conferences we wanted to make sure that our Wi-fi would not let us or our clients down, providing them with both confidence and security. We already have not one, but two distinct 1GB internet connections operating from different locations – providing resilience and reassurance to clients that should one fail there is always another entirely separate back up system.  The most recent round of upgrades will allow our visitors to maximise the potential of those connections and get the most from their time at the venue,” comments 30 Euston Square’s General Manager, Yvette Chatwin.

Tony Mills, Site Delivery Project Manager, BT Wi-fi, confirmed that the upgrades make 30 Euston Square “one of the UK’s most comprehensively connected venues as it provides organisers with the confidence that Wi-fi connection is seamless on multiple devices throughout the whole of the venue, even in peak times.”

Eleanor Hibberd from The Direct Marketing Association comments on their use of 30 Euston Square: “Our awards judging event, which was successfully held last week, requires approximately 100 people to simultaneously stream high quality video footage from the internet.  Such activity puts a huge strain on a venue’s Wi-fi infrastructure and technological capabilities. Having held the event at 30 Euston Square in 2015, we returned to the venue for 2016 and it’s obvious they have made significant investments to ensure their offering is industry leading. This demonstrates their commitment to clients like us and a desire to stay ahead in an ever changing digital world.”

The upgrades, which use Cisco hardware to more than double the venue’s available bandwidth through the addition of new access points containing the latest technology, will allow devices to connect across both 2.5 and 5 GHz channels resulting in even more connections to the venue’s superfast internet connection.

Tony adds: “Whilst many venues and buildings invest in high speed internet lines they lack enough access points to effectively make use of such high speed infrastructure, which effectively limits the number of devices able to make a connection at any one point in time. 30 Euston Square’s decision to not only increase access points but enable connections on both the 2.5 and 5 GHz ranges allows more devices to connect, which also improves connection performance on the latest smartphones and tablets.  In lay terms, these changes can be compared to upgrading from a dual carriageway to a four lane motorway.”

Yvette adds: “Since first opening our doors three and a half years ago, technology has been at the heart of our offering.  To be an industry leading venue we need to have industry leading Wi-fi.  There is no doubt that digitally connected devices are on the increase and there is now a far greater need than when we first opened. To provide these services and meet the needs of tomorrow’s market, venues need to not just invest but evaluate and reinvest in their technology.  At 30 Euston Square, we strive to meet the growing needs of our clients; we continually review our offering to ensure we are not just fit for purpose now, but for several years to come and organisers can be confident that our Wi-fi will not let them down.”


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