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SBN advocates use of private security firms to support police

Following the latest budget, which highlighted increased funding for terrorism prevention despite recent cut backs in other areas of police funding, the Small Business Network (SBN) of professional security companies has highlighted an opportunity for the private security industry to support public services.

“Whilst the budget saw extra money for the prevention of terrorism, the selling off of other police assets and the reduction in officers on the street has made life difficult when it comes to the prevention of other criminal activity,” comments Abbey Petkar, spokesperson for the SBN and managing director of Magenta Security.  “The police are doing a fantastic job with limited resources and we are perfectly placed to support them.”

Through client contracts already in existence, security companies across the UK can deliver for their clients whilst working in partnership with local police forces to spot and stop criminal behaviour.    “Whether it be a CCTV supplier, alarm company or manned guards, the industry is already working to prevent criminal activity.  We are on the look-out for vulnerabilities in the community that could affect clients as well as opportunists looking to make the most of any situation.  A closer working relationship with the police can only improve this,” continues Abbey.  “In fact, there is even an opportunity for those companies who have been properly certified to undertake work on behalf of the police, supplementing their forces and needs as appropriate.”

Ultimately, the SBN believes the current challenges faced by police forces across the country are an opportunity for the security sector.  The SIA’s ongoing desire to improve quality in the sector means the companies exist with the requisite skills and oversight to support public services in a professional and cohesive way.  The SBN fundamentally believes that public security should not just be the responsibility of the police, instead everyone should do their part, working together to ensure safety for all.


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