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Research shapes imago’s business model to aid further growth

Research conducted last year by imago, the conference and events arm of Loughborough University, has been used to support clients in delivering successful meetings, which in turn has aided its own growth.

The research – Does the future have room for face-to-face communication – was conducted amongst a sample of more than 750 event organisers, delegates, graduate and undergraduate students.

imago has used the information gathered from the research to help shape the way it handles incoming business enquiries so it can offer clients the meeting and event space which best suits their requirements. imago’s event management team has also used the results to ensure it provides clients with all the resources and knowledge to deliver a return on investment from their meetings. As a result, business is growing in line with the aims of its strategic business plan.

Emma Boynton, Head of Sales and Marketing at imago, commented: “The research has been beneficial to the day to day running of the business and made a significant impact on the service we offer. We have used the information gathered from the research to help shape the way we deal with business enquiries so we can work alongside clients, whether they have used us in the past or are new to imago. We want to provide them with all the tools they need for a successful event, not just sell them a meeting space.

“This includes working out how they can best use the spaces we have available so they can deliver an event that meets their requirements and has a lasting effect on those attending. Providing clients with this resource and knowledge helps them deliver better return on investment. This approach works for both the clients and imago as we are seeing an increase in business which is aiding our overall growth.”

The success of the research has led to imago commissioning a follow up study – How does the meetings industry of today inspire the future leaders of tomorrow? Once again this will be conducted with Loughborough University and The Right Solution, and in partnership with the HBAA.

imago unifies Loughborough University’s conference and events venues under one brand offering high quality meeting spaces, venues and accommodation along with excellent sports and leisure facilities. imago manages the AIM Gold accredited Burleigh Court and Holywell Park as well as Loughborough University’s conference and events facilities and The Link Hotel.

The final research paper is available from


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