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Reduce Reuse Recycle and Educate – Nexus has a solution for every occasion.

Once again responding to client requests and input, Nexus Collections have completed the research and development on a new range of environmentally friendly bags made from PET and Non-woven Polypropylene.

These products, when placed alongside the jute  bags launched last year, create a range that includes all elements of the sustainability process. 

All Nexus bags have also been upgraded to include an educational label, detailing the environmental benefits of that particular product.

Nexus has also stopped producing a printed brochure and launched an online resource for clients looking to purchase their range of products and services –

Reduce: The Jute Collection, Nexus’ first environmentally friendly conference bag launched last year, is manufactured using processes with a lower environmental impact thereby using less water, chemicals and pesticides. The collection is also highly sustainable using Jute, a plant and is completely free of any oil derivatives.

NEW – Reuse: Nexus Collections latest range of bags is made from PET, a material manufactured from recycled post consumer plastic bottles . This reduces landfill and the use of natural resources .

NEW – Recycle: Whilst the Jute bags were already recyclable and biodegradable, Nexus has also created a range of degradable and recyclable non-woven polypropylene bags

Educate: In response to clients requests and to ensure delegates understand the benefits of the bags given to them by organisers, Nexus have created a series of woven educational tags for their range of bags. The tags highlight the materials used and their benefit to the environment.

Nexus Collections, managing director, Nick Jones: “Over the last two years it has been our intention to create a truly comprehensive range of environmentally responsible bags, agoal  we have completed with the launch of the Jute, PET and non-woven bags. In response to client requests and our own desire to be a greener business, we have created a unique range that offers an option for every eventuality.”

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