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Quality and reliability beat price in conference gifts and promotional goods survey

Nexus Collections recent survey of conference and event buyers highlighted the importance of quality and reliability of delivery over price.

Nexus Collections, managing director, Nick Jones: “Since the first days of Nexus Collections 15 years ago our focus has been on quality and delivery.  We never promise to be the cheapest as there is always someone else out there willing to shave off a few pence either way – we have however never missed  delivery to a conference in 15 years and our stringent quality control (including the purchase of our own factory) ensures clients are never disappointed.”

The survey asked a wide ranging database of organisers and suppliers to the industry how important they rated the following (out of ten) in the supply of promotional items:

•    Price            6.5

•    Print Quality        8.0

•    Product Quality        6.5

•    Reliability of Delivery    8.2

•    Service            4.5

Jones continues: “Whilst I don’t suggest anyone can get away with bad service, it is quite clear from these results that the number one priority is delivery.  But to be honest this should not be a surprise to anyone in this industry.  Events are time specific and it really doesn’t matter how cheap you are or how pleasant your service levels – if the goods arrive at the venue two days after the event there really is no turning back the clock!”

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