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Number of vegetarians attending events more than three times higher than national average

30 Euston Square’s latest research across 177 event organisers and delegates, reveals a significant difference between national averages and delegate respondents when it comes to dietary choices.

  1. According to the 2014 National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) 2.6% of adults are vegetarian.

  2. In 30 Euston Square’s research, 11.36% of delegates responded saying they were vegetarian.

The poll also suggested a marked difference amongst vegans with 6.8% of respondents living a vegan lifestyle.  This compares to research carried out by Ipsos MORI for the Vegan Society and Vegan Life magazine in 2016, suggesting more than 542,000 people over the age of 15 – approximately 1% of the population are vegan.

“The research signifies the changing needs surrounding dietaries and explains why we have seen an on-going increase in both vegetarian and vegan dietary requests,” comments Yvette Chatwin, General Manager of 30 Euston Square.  “This is a marked difference from the national averages which emphasises that venues, like 30 Euston Square, need to react accordingly by continuously refreshing, improving and providing more choice within menus to meet these changing needs.”

Daniel Broughton, Executive Chef at 30 Euston Square adds: “When designing menus, my team and I have increased the number of vegetarian options to ensure every guest benefits from choice and has a positive event experience. We integrate vegetarian options into all menus, from a simple sandwich lunch to a private seven course tasting menu, whilst all of our desserts are also vegetarian friendly. At 30 Euston Square, we are committed to keeping up with the latest food trends and experimenting with new and exciting flavours and ingredients.”

  1. 30 Euston Square’s latest hospitality brochure sees an increase in vegetarian options, along with more healthier choices. Favourable dishes amongst clients include:

  2. Curried lentil & carrot samosa with red pepper & mango sauce (v) – from the Finger Food menu

  3. Garlic roasted butternut squash, basil & ricotta cannelloni with feta cheese crumb (v) – from the Hot & Cold Fork Buffet menu

  4. Grilled lemon, thyme & roast garlic marinated halloumi with piperade sauce (v) – From the Holy Smokes BBQ menu

30 Euston Square, home of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), is a conference, meetings and events venue in the heart of London. Conveniently situated next to a major transport hub, 30 Euston Square is an ideal venue for both domestic and international delegates travelling to London for business.

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