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Nexus offer free import and export consultancy to PCOs following Brexit

Managing Director of Nexus Collections, Howard Lawton is offering free impartial consultancy and advice on import and export processes following Brexit.

“Despite scaremongering about food and medical shortages there has clearly been no immediate impact on import and export between the UK and Europe,” comments Lawton. “However, there will inevitably be changes over the months and years ahead, there will be red tape to overcome and the process of import and export will become more challenging. I want to help our PCO partners overcome those challenges as and when they arise.”

Nexus is an ethical and sustainable manufacturer that produces over half a million bags for more than 600 conferences around the world every year. At both Nexus and in his previous role leading a global IT resourcing company Lawton has developed extensive experience shipping to and receiving goods from more than 75 countries. He understands the challenges, the pitfalls, the bureaucracy and loopholes.

The team at Nexus Collections is taking its extensive knowledge of international trade and offering advice to PCOs looking to ship goods internationally.

Lawton concludes: “Holding an event abroad can be challenging enough, without the added stress of importing and exporting procedures. I have been shipping goods around the world for many years. Brexit might not have caused immediate issues but there will inevitably be more complexities working across Europe in the future, so I recommend PCOs think now about their future shipping needs and challenges. I am here to help anyone who needs advice on the subject. I look forward to giving back and sharing my knowledge with others in the industry and helping people make more informed decisions.”


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