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Nexus guarantees European prices ahead of Brexit

Nexus Collections is freezing all prices ahead of the UK leaving Europe on 31st January, 2020.

Any potential increased costs in terms of products, delivery or overhead that are a direct result of Brexit will be absorbed by Nexus Collections, a leading supplier of conference bags and conferences supplies.

“Whilst I believe the UK’s departure from Europe will be fairly orderly and we are not going to experience financial challenges overnight, there will inevitably be red tape, duties, tariffs and other additional costs in the manufacture and delivery of our goods. We promise not to pass those onto our customers but to absorb them ourselves,” comments Nexus Collections managing director, Howard Lawton.

As a leading provider of conference supplies, such as bags and promotional items, including sustainable goods, Nexus Collections sources products from a number of destinations and delivers them to countries all over the world, particularly Europe.

Lawton continues: “During my time in the import and export trade I have worked across the whole world and seen pretty much every example of trade barrier, duty, tariff and document that needs filling out in triplicate. In my opinion Brexit is not ideal for our business nor the wider conference market, where any barrier to free trade and free travel is an issue. However, nothing is insurmountable, and we want to demonstrate our willingness to continue delivering for our customers throughout Europe – and this price freeze is the best way we can serve our loyal customer base.

Nexus has guaranteed the price of its current range for a period of one year from 1st February, 2020.


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