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Nexus Collections offer the chance to buy green and save 30% – surely not?

Nexus Collections, the world’s largest provider of environmentally friendly conference bags, has continued to evolve their business model, offering further savings to both customers and the environment on purchases of their lanyard ranges.

Due to freight charges and order volume it has previously been impossible for companies to ship container loads of lanyards from their point of origin. Instead they are flown, costing both money and environmental damage.  Nexus has once again challenged the “usual” way of doing business and used their regular shipments of conference bags as a means to simultaneously ship lanyards – saving purchasers up to 30%.

Nick Jones, managing director, Nexus Collections:  “An increase in cost is generally the perceived downside to doing anything green or environmentally friendly.  This is not however the case and those businesses looking for opportunities can always find ways to help save cost whilst having a lesser impact on the world around us.  It is simply a case of thinking differently and considering every possible approach.”

“Our fair-trade factory in China is another great example.  Whilst there were initial cost and investment implications by thinking differently and setting up the factory we now have total control of the products we produce.  This allows us to make stronger guarantees to clients and reduces our running costs as we know mistakes are unlikely to happen.  Similarly, our extensive environmentally friendly ranges of bags contain styles that fall into the same price bracket as the less CSR conscious products we have manufactured in the past.”


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