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NetworkTables wins ‘Future of Meetings Award’ for most Innovative Event Technology Start-up

NetworkTables founder Matthijs Otto proudly received ‘The Future of Meetings Award’ during The Meetings Show in London. The winner was determined by an international audience of event organisers that voted for the most innovative event tech start-up.

NetworkTables is an innovative Dutch event technology start-up that helps event attendees meet the right people whilst making networking more effective at events.  Its success is based on a a user-friendly online solution for table seating, workshop registration and 1-on-1 meetings.

Last October NetworkTables also won the Event Technology Award for ‘Best Technology for Building Event Attendance’. The back to back wins clearly demonstrate that NetworkTables is on a path to success.

Steve Knight, Event Director, The Meetings Show: “If we are to continue growing as an industry we need to develop the businesses of tomorrow, particularly in the technology sector, where there is so much innovation and change.  The Future of Meetings at The Meetings Show gives start-ups a chance to engage more closely with potential clients and I am delighted it has been such a success again this year. My thanks to The Meetings Design Institute for putting it together for us but most importantly – congratulations to NetworkTables. I look forward to seeing them grow over the years to come. They offer an entirely new way to get to know who you are seated with at an event, providing the perfect forum to engage with a small group of new people as you find those you really want to connect with.”

NetworkTables is growing fast, the online solution is used by event organizers in over 34 countries to increase show-up rate, save valuable time and speed up ticket-sales. In the Netherlands, the online solution is used for conferences including: The Next Women Summit, Provada and a variety of business clubs.

Matthijs Otto, Founder, NetworkTables: “We are growing very fast and sometimes we forget to celebrate success with the team but this provided us with an opportunity to do just that. This year we are looking to double our revenue, a goal that is supported by the fact we have won two well-recognised awards. They add credibility and provide trust with potential clients.”

To remain innovative, NetworkTables continuously stays in touch with event organisers. “Together with event organisers we build innovative solutions to their daily problems, making their lives easier,” says Matthijs Otto.  “One example was our work with Dedicon to make our technology accessible to the visually impaired for the Better Together Conference.  In another we took away fears around using online conferencing for 20.000 attendees participating in the World Business & Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS).”


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