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MPI UK reaches out to the regions.

In an initiative believed to be the first of its kind, MPI UK (Meeting Planners International) has developed a series of regional events, working with and educating event planners and suppliers outside of the South East and London area.

The first events, which have taken place in recent weeks, concluded with a highly successful leadership training event by Paul Bridle  in Leeds during the first week of November.  Another extremely popular event, focused on sustainability, was held in Liverpool.

The events span a huge range of topics with the next focusing on students and including a CV clinic and advice sessions.  Future events are planned for Manchester , York, Derby, Liverpool and other regional locations.

The regional focus falls under the guidance of MPI UK’s President Elect, Anthony Hyde from the Barbican:  “Our industry tends to be very London centric, with most of the networking and educational events based within or near the capital.  Part of our focus for 2008/2009 was to be the first association to reach out to the regions.  We felt a series of events was the most appropriate course of action, particularly because of the educational benefits and opportunities provided by MPI.”

Current President of the MPI UK Chapter and EIBTM Exhibition Director, Mandy Torrens : “These events have been a great success.  The attendees were very positive in their feedback and a number have joined MPI as a result of the initiative.  Having seen the success of the initiative so far we plan to continue growing this model and roll it out to additional regions.”


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