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MPI UK and Ireland provides greater benefit to members through website launch

MPI UK has launched a website to replace its existing online presence, enhancing the membership experience through global links.

Miguel Neves, VP, Marketing, MPI UK and Ireland said: “The decision to create a new website rather than simply enhance the previous version gave us the chance to reflect on the needs of our members and create something truly beneficial.  The new site is also a response to our growing membership in the UK and Ireland and increase in our activities. We felt that there was a greater need to

integrate MPI resources on one platform to enable users to access different sections of the website more efficiently. There will be plenty of useful information on the website, and I am sure it will be a fun to navigate.”

In particular the integration will include global links to other chapters and MPI’s international website.  The new website will have key benefits such as:

  1. A single login to all MPI resources, saving members time

  2. Seamless access to MPI Global’s content, providing greater information and international links

  3. Direct news feed from MPI Global, delivering news across the world and allowing members to make business decisions based on far greater knowledge

  4. Up to date advertising from MPI global, providing a wider market place for those people looking to reach new clients.

The other enhancements include advertising tools and statistics, full page by page statistics, rating of articles, social media integration, photo and media galleries, website wide search functions etc.

Fiona Pelham, president, MPI UK and Ireland said: “The website will have all the features you would expect of a global association plus the ability to grow along with digital technology.  It will be a brilliant platform for members to communicate, particularly using the social media features.”


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