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MICEBOOK partners with Event Marketing Association

The Event Marketing Association (EMA) has announced a partnership with MICEBOOK, the online platform for event organisers.

The partnership will see MICEBOOK create a central account for EMA Members where they can share their notes, feedback and information about suppliers and venues across the meetings and events market.

Clare Moses Head of Events at Barclays said; “In evaluating MICEBOOK we felt that there is enormous potential value to our members individually to have somewhere to build their personal databanks of knowledge, to our Corporate Members who can take membership and create a company profile thus capturing their teams notes and knowledge and finally to our overall membership who chose to opt in and share their knowledge across the EMA Membership in return for having access to others knowledge and experiences.”

MICEBOOK provides event buyers with an online global destination, venue and supplier research and enquiry tool capable of incorporating and sharing notes and information amongst users. Its Supplier Relationship Management system functionality includes:

• Search: use advanced and personalised search capability to swiftly locate suppliers around the world. • Save: favourite specific suppliers to keep abreast of staff changes or additional products and services. • Enquire: designed with flexibility in mind, the enquiry system allows organisers to request information directly from the suppliers. • Note: users retain information and notes placed on the system as they move from role to role adding to their personal equity. • Download: information such as brochures and imagery for proposals and pitches. • Share: saved notes and content can be shared across teams and companies to ensure ongoing organizational knowledge retention.

Chetan Shah, founder and CEO of MICEBOOK: “MICEBOOK is a great tool for corporate event planners so we are delighted to be working in partnership with the Event Marketing Association. Whilst many users of MICEBOOK work for agencies and have access to vast amounts of data, some corporate planners work on their own. So having access to information through MICEBOOK will be a great benefit to them. The central database will provide members with an invaluable resource and a platform where they can share information on destinations, venues, hotels and suppliers in one place.” The Event Marketing Association is an organisation for corporate in-house event planners and marketers with the aim of sharing and promoting best practices throughout its membership. Richard Waddington, chair of the Event Marketing Association (EMA), comments: “Many of our members are already seeing the benefits of using MICEBOOK so we are excited to be creating a platform where all our members can take advantage of the system. As an association we are here to represent, support and champion our members by sharing knowledge, expertise and experiences and our partnership with MICEBOOK is just one example of how we are achieving this.”


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