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Magenta Security turns its lights green

Magenta Security, already considered the most environmentally friendly guarding firm in the industry, has gone one step further by replacing all the lighting across its head office and control centre building with low energy lights. The initiative is an addition to the series of ‘green’ steps it has taken to make it one of few carbon neutral security companies in the country.

Abbey Petkar, the managing director, of Magenta Security said: “This is not just about changing a handful of lightbulbs for the low energy variety.  Instead it has required a total change of the building’s lighting systems to provide a low energy system that will save not just money but also carbon emissions.  We expect to cut down our energy consumption by 50% through this initiative.    We have always taken pioneering steps in the industry to promote green improvements as a part of our wider CSR policies. We use LPG vehicles and plant trees. Using green lights are an addition, and we hope to reduce our emissions considerably.”

Magenta Security has also requested planning permission for solar panels and is hoping to use Carbon Trust funding through these initiatives.


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