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Magenta Security honours its staff for bravery and meritorious service

Magenta Security, one of Britain’s fastest growing, private security companies held its first annual award ceremony last month at the London School of Economics (LSE) to recognise individual achievement, extraordinary acts of heroism while on duty and meritorious service.

Magenta Security’s managing director, Abbey Petkar comments: “As a company dealing with security, our people serve on the frontlines of society under exceptional circumstances. Every year we have stories of our staff showing great presence of mind and courage while on duty.  We take extreme pride in our people and delighted in thanking them and recognise them for their various achievements.”

This year’s awards included the following:

  1. 30 guards awarded certificates for attaining NVQ level 2.

  2. An individual was rewarded for showing the highest level of integrity after he found an unattended bag of €10,000. He not only recovered the bag but also traced the owner.

  3. Extraordinary sense of duty. Four Magenta guards helped clear the flood waters when a pipe burst flooding a hospital.  The guards continued to maintain their security duties, whilst helping clear the flood waters.

  4. A security guard showed a great presence of mind when he witnessed an accident outside the building where he was working. In addition to calling the emergency services, he remembered the attendees of a conference in the building were medically trained and rushed to secure their aid.

  5. One guard was also rewarded for saving the life of a man who had attempted to commit suicide by cutting his wrists.

  6. 10 people were recognised for 10 years of meritorious service.

Speaking on the occasion a client in attendance said: “It is a great act on behalf of Magenta Security to recognise people with exceptional commitment to service. The values shown by their staff are a great inspiration to everyone and truly demonstrate the quality of people working for the organisation.  Recognition of staff success drives people to achieve more and relish the environment within which they work.  As a client of Magenta’s we have seen both one off exceptional acts and outstanding ongoing delivery of security services.”

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