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Magenta hits 75% energy reduction milestone

Magenta Security Services, the first manned guarding company in the UK to be awarded ISO:14001 in 2001 has continued its focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable practice over the course of the last fifteen years.

This now means that despite significant organisational growth, increased head count and additional need for resources, Magenta has reduced it energy usage by 75%.

“This is not just a major milestone for us but also a demonstration to the rest of the business community.  You can achieve great things if you put your mind to it.  We only have one planet and businesses need to appreciate what is possible,” comments Abbey Petkar, managing director of Magenta Security.  “My team has worked tirelessly over the last fifteen years to achieve and maintain ISO:14001.  We have time and again sought new ways to reduce our energy consumption and be the industry frontrunner in our commitment to the environment.”

Energy reduction systems at Magenta’s head office alone have seen the building’s energy efficiency rating go from an F to a C rating, whilst the use of hybrid and electric vehicles are ensuring the company is maximising efficiency whilst on the road.

From PIR lighting systems, solar panels and new heating systems to digitisation and recycling, we are committed to the environment at every level of the business.  We are still looking for ways to improve the systems we have.  Reducing energy usage and increasing efficiency is a long-term process.  So far, we have achieved 75%, one day that will be 90% maybe more.  As technology improves so can we and I look forward to seeing these figures improve year on year in line with the latest trends and opportunities.”

Magenta Security has its head office in Hounslow, with operations in Swindon, Birmingham, Manchester and Kent. As well as security officers, mobile patrols and electronic surveillance, partnerships with external suppliers, Magenta can provide a variety of additional services to clients including luxury car hire, cleaning and housekeeping. For more information about its services call 0845 500 0786 or visit


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