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Lane End Research Shows Interactivity is key to delegates

Event organisers are looking to engage further with their audience by making events more interactive, according to Lane End Conference Centre.

The Buckinghamshire-based venue carried out research amongst 116 event organisers which showed that whilst 78% believe their events are already interactive enough, 56% don’t think enough is being done in this area. In addition to this, more than half (55%) would be willing to invest more to improve the interactivity of their events and would be willing to spend an average of £35 per person to do so.

Amongst the tools already being used by 30% of event organisers to make sessions more interactive are touch screens, hybrid events and live streaming but a further 50% would like to use them

Heni Fourie, Director of Sales and Marketing at Lane End comments: “As event organisers seek to provide delegates with valuable learning experiences, venues must do more to make sure they can be as interactive as possible. This can be achieved in the classroom through the use of technology, but interactivity can be delivered outside the learning environment through the use of teambuilding activities. As a venue, we are working ever more closely with event organisers to ensure their goals are achieved in all of these areas.”

Individual comments from the research included:

• “Client requirements are becoming more intense and they are looking at new ways of engaging with participants.”

• “People are constantly looking for new experiences that they will remember and can share on their social feeds so we have found that the more interactive the event the more engagement we receive.”

• “The aim of our events is to train young professionals in the constructions industry to collaborate between disciplines, so any opportunity to do this is welcome and we are always looking at new ways to achieve this.”


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