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HIC brings three shows together to provide growth for organisers

Harrogate International Centre (HIC) has worked with three separate public shows, running simultaneously, to ensure cross promotion and a greater outcome for all.

Sales & account manager Paul Ashton: “The Joules Big Sale, Simply Christmas, and Love Cooking (all taking place at HIC from 3rd to 5th December) are targeting similar markets so it makes sense that they work together and open their doors not just to their own visitors, but also those attending the alternative events.”

The venue is o

nce again demonstrating its desire and ability to add value by providing strategic advice to the organisers and events involved.

Dominie Cripps, brand and PR marketing manager at Joules said:  “Harrogate is the perfect place for The Joules Big Sale, as we design upbeat, colourful clothing for women, men and children who love the outdoors.  It was vital when we planned this event that it takes place in both a venue and location that goes beyond meeting our needs logistically to provide both added value and the right image.  Harrogate and HIC have achieved all of this – and the suggestion that we work in partnership with Love Cooking and Simply Christmas was fantastic.”

Paul concludes:  “Love Cooking and Joules are both new events and recent business wins for HIC.  Advising them to work together was an obvious step that would benefit all parties involved.  Consumer shows such as these are reliant on visitors and they are far more likely to attend three shows under one roof than just one.  As a venue we see it as our place to offer strategic advice and suggestions that can help clients flourish and develop – on the one hand it is great added value to our clients – on the other it will grow the shows for their triumphant return next year, benefiting the Centre and the local economy.”

HIC recently reported a £92 million economic impact to Harrogate and the region for the first six months of the 2010/2011 financial year.


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