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Her Majesty The Queen marks Inauguration of the Tenth General Synod at Church House

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II attended the Inauguration Ceremony of the Tenth General Synod of the Church of England at Church House this week (November 24).

Her visit to the Westminster venue followed a special service at Westminster Abbey to mark the opening of the new session of the Church of England’s General Synod.

As the holder of the title Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England, The Queen opens the General Synod after the elections in the dioceses every five years.

The General Synod’s most recent meeting at Church House, held over three days, was broadcast around the world by its in-house AV team, including The Queen’s address. More than 2,500 web streams of live video content were delivered as people from around the world watched with footage also broadcast around Church House.

The General Synod is one of the many organisations which take advantage of Church House’s state-of-the-art AV and internet services, which include live web streaming, video on demand (VOD) using high definition (HD) broadcast quality cameras, a Tricaster vision mixer, IPTV system for internal distribution and a 100Mbps broadband line.

General Manager Robin Parker said: “The investment in web streaming and broadcasting equipment allows us to provide a full professional service for our clients, and the General Synod is just one of the many organisations who take advantage of our broadcasting capabilities. Our web streaming and video on demand service adds significant value to events by allowing the client to reach a wider audience.”


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